Writing an effective ticket

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Get a useful response faster by writing a detailed description when submitting your ticket. We’ve included some tips below that will help make the support process smoother.

What behaviour are you seeing?

Let us know which part of your online store isn’t working as well as you’d hoped. If only one page or product is affected, then please provide a link to it. If possible, provide steps that reproduce the behaviour, so we can investigate the issue thoroughly.

What behaviour were you expecting?

In as much detail as you can, describe the outcome you want to see after submitting your ticket.

When did you first notice the issue?

Tell us when you first noticed the issue. Let us know if you’ve recently added custom code modifications or installed a third-party app, as these could conflict with the theme.

What have you done to try and resolve the issue?

If applicable, let us know if you’ve tried to resolve the issue yourself. We’ll adapt our advice based on what you tell us.

Is your online store password protected?

If you’ve added password protection to your online store, then please provide us with the password. Note that this is different from your Shopify admin password, which we’ll never ask for.