Adding custom code snippets

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Add custom code snippets directly from the editor, without editing theme code.

Note: this is an advanced article that covers custom code modifications. As mentioned in our Support Policy, our support excludes bugs related to custom code modifications. You could slow down or break your online store if you add incorrect code. Make sure you create a backup of your theme before adding custom code modifications. Be careful!

When you, a developer or a third-party app edits your theme’s files, automatic updates can no longer be applied to your theme when a new theme version is released. Instead of editing your theme’s files, it’s recommended to use certain settings, available in Emporium, to add custom code snippets. Adding custom code snippets directly from the editor ensures your theme can receive automatic updates in the future.

Learn more about updating themes.

Add custom code to your online store

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online StoreThemes.
  2. Next to Emporium, click Customize.
  3. Go to icon-theme-settings.svg Theme settingsADVANCED.
  4. In one of the Custom Liquid fields, input your custom code.

Custom code added in this manner appears on every page of your online store.